I completely fell into ceramics……. Not literally… I reckon that would really hurt…. But like… I had Zero experience… and actually not a smidgen of interest in it…. Id never ‘painted pots’ as a child and had created a few disastrous masterpieces at secondary school…. And if I’m honest had taken Bella – my eldest to create some handprint keepsakes twice when she was a baby.

So I was never expecting to ever be where I am and doing what I’m doing.

Bella was invited to a Painting Pots Party and it was there I met the original owner of Painting pots. Due to a few reasons, within a few weeks… I ended up finding myself in the world of Paint your own pottery and ceramics  ….. I loved it….. coming from a job I was doing at the time…. with upset, resistance and negativity…. Painting Pots was creative, open and free, full of joy and positivity! 

Within 6 months, I had bought the business and my life has been 

Immersed, entwined and saturated with ‘Painting Pots’ ever since. I am the business and the business is me.

Over 5.5 years has seen me progress and grow Painting Pots …. From two days a week, nestled safe and looked after at Henshaws Arts and Craft centre to 5 (sometimes 7!) days a week On Castlegate in Knaresborough Town Centre.

I feel like I have achieved a number of goals but I can see a huge number of pathways and ways of growth and expansion

I am still always learning and growing in what I need to know to run my business…, but I only “Need” to know a very small amount in the big, huge, massive world of ceramics…..

And for me it is ignorant of me, to not want to know the bigger picture…the world beyond what I need to know.

I adore furthering myself. Training and courses and workshops are my idea of heaven….. as long as there is coffee and handouts!!!

So I have embarked on a 30-week journey at Harrogate College studying Ceramics!!!

Insane really, I never have enough time to do what I need to ordinarily…… but this time my heart told my brain what for….. and so my silly, giddy, daft, creative heart won and my brain can tut and worry about time, and childcare, and money and adulting!

And so my disastrous masterpiece of a life in progress has just got a little more full, a lot more creative, and a heap more exciting!!!!